Following a good old tradition we are summing up the year at the Social Media Conference, 21&22 November: let’s talk strictly professional over a cup of coffee and innovative practices. Stay tuned

Through statistics and facts 2013 confirms the forecast of active digital development in Russia and CIS. The experts keep claiming that internet technology is an avalanche speed growing business segment today. Business has to be racing to keep the pace with the market conditions. Russia ranks first in the amount of internet audience and internet advertisement in the Central Eastern Europe, Kazakhstan has doubled its social networks user load, Ukraine reports the steady growth of online audience. World media publishes shooting figures of population online involvement.

Population equals potential and real consumers. All this means that business needs to BE IN. Moreover this presence has to be quality, wholesome, relevant, meeting and exceeding expectations.

Many companies have successfully entered this complex new world. Now the main goal for the business is realization of further development, strategy elaboration, content and aims definition, and last but not the least identification of the audience to work and communicate with. 

For many market players social media is still a fancy toy with obscure instructions, this fact leads to misuse, budget waste and reputational losses.

The 3rd annual event is aiming at the companies which enthusiastically start and keep developing in various social media platforms. This conference will allow you to conduct a competent analysis and discuss common mistakes, risks and challenges of social media key development stages: starting from the launch and targeting ending with the quality systematic work, expert content generation, efficiency assessment, ROI point and digital opportunities for b2b and b2c.

SOCIAL MEDIA event will give you a unique chance to be a part of the SMM express audit project. The expert group consisting of renowned market practitioners will choose the participants’ cases, analyze main challenges and mastermind useful recommendations.

We place our bet on top content, precise proportion of western practices, balanced presence of various industries, mix of leading market players, insiders and newcomers. No surprise that our loyal clients acknowledge this conference as the most substantial and beneficial in the Russian and CIS market.

  • Internet communication and digital marketing Directors
  • SMM Directors
  • PR Directors
  • Marketing Directors
  • Corporate Communications Director
  • New media and web technology Directors
  • Online services Directors
  • Various companies across industries
  • Digital and internet agencies
  • PR, Media, Creative Groups
  • Internet consulting companies
  • Monitoring systems suppliers
  • Social gaming integrators
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